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Here you can encode or decode a string to base64 localy without it even leaving your browser.

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The base64 encoder / decoder

How to use our encoder

Just paste a simple text or a string you want to encode in the text field on the right, you will be able to see the results real time, when you done just copy it. Inversely you can decode a base64 text here too just use the tool from the right side and you are good to go. If you like it please bookmark us so you can come back later when you need it again.

Why base64 string is bigger than its counterpart?

Base64 takes 3 bytes and encodes it into 4 characters. The benefit is that the characters that it uses are ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/ which don’t usually get mangled by text transport protocols (such as stripping the 7th bit in early Email). Because characters are normally stored in one byte, Base64 encoding a text will expand the data size by 33%.

Its not encryption

Please keep in mind that base64 its not encryption nor it is an hash. Transforming simple text to base64 makes it appear differently, anyone can decode your base64 string easily given the fact that they recognize the format.


Encode in a responsive web app without the hassle of transmitting it trough the network. the data never leaves your browser. You can even use this page offline just save it locally on your computer.

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Why encode text to base64

There are plenty reasons to do that if you want to transform some text with some unusual character set so it will be transmitted safely, you can use it to somewhat masquerade some information that can be returned to simple text easily so the string don't match some bots regex search. You can scroll bellow to see how to decode a base64 in some programming languages.

Common use cases

Base-64 encoding is a way of taking binary data and turning it into text so that it's more easily transmitted in things like e-mail and HTML form data. it is useful if you want to masquerade some info so bots cant crawl your email for example. (They can if they are prepared for that its not like that is encrypted) but in other way it makes it more difficult.

How to encode text in some programming languages

Code snippets to encode a String to base64


const text= "My text";
const encodedText = btoa(text); // TXkgVGV4dA==

Linux shell

$ echo  '[email protected]' | base64


Base64.getEncoder().withoutPadding().encodeToString("My Text".getBytes());

Code snippets to decode a base64 String to plain text


const b64string = "TXkgVGV4dA==";
const decodedText = atob(b64string); // My text

Linux shell

$ echo 'bXllbWFpbEBleGFtcGxlLmNvbQ=='  | base64 --decode


new String(Base64.getUrlDecoder().decode(encodedString));

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