java is not recognized as an internal or external command - How to Fix it

Java on Windows

How to fix easily 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command adding the JAVA_HOME.


How to create a private component library

A package

Learn how to create a private library to share your components between your apps without having to publish it anywhere. Share your code between apps real time with yarn link and create-react-library.


How to inject authorization header on all axios requests

Axios interceptor

Knowing how to intercept http requests to setup some defaults can be handy and save you a lot of boilerplate code.


How to hide an email address from crawlers and bots

A bot eating emails addresses

Showing an email address on our website is a requirement for most people, the problem is how to stop the spamming after that email gets published and accessible for most web scrapers. To stop the email from being spammed you have to hide it.


Integrate a energy sensor in Home Assistant energy production dashboard.

Home Assistant Energy dashboard

Learn how to implement any Energy Sensor to Home Assistant Energy Dashboard


Understanding your electric bill | kW/h explained.

Electricity flowing to a bulb

Our electric bill can be hard to understan but here you will see how easy it is.


Integrating a Tasmotized Sonoff pow r2 in Home Assistant

HA configuration.yaml on a command line interface (nano)

Home Assistant ability to let us have our smart home devices from diferent brand is a big advantage. In this post we will learn how to Setup a PowR2 as a energy device

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