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Category: selfhosted

How to connect to a service behind a firewall using ssh tunneling

SSH Tunnel When we have a service behind a firewall in a remote server sometimes we want a simple way to connect to it without setting up port forwarding. Setting up a ssh tunnel is pretty straight forward and pretty secure because your traffic will be encrypted on his path. This is perfect for a quick and simple connection for yourself without sacrificing the security of your server. Let’s get started with SSH tunnels Before you start, if you’re connecting to a remote host over the internet just make sure that your ssh connection is secured.

Integrate a energy sensor in Home Assistant energy production dashboard.

In the last post i showed you how do i get data in Home Assistant from a Sonoff Pow R2 using MQTT now we going to use that data to feed the energy dashboard. Because just like i said my sonoff is measuring my single solar panel production and we can use that to integrate with the beautiful dashboard that Hass as gifted us. How do i measure my house energy consumption?

Integrating a Tasmotized Sonoff pow r2 in Home Assistant

Last week I’ve been tinkering with Home Assistant and found out that it is a pretty handy piece of software after a few one click integration with my existing smart home devices i stumpled uppon a problem my Sonoff por R2 that was using mqtt to monitor my solar panel power not showing up, even with auto discovery on. So i created a custom config in the configuration.yaml and everything went smooth.

Install Open-VPN on your Home Network. Using a Raspberry-pi.

Wether you want to secure your connections while you are on a public wi-fi, with or without password, or you simple want to access resources on your home network a VPN connection is the way to go. In this post i will help you setup your own vpn server in your home or office network using a cheap raspberry pi or home PC but it has to be on all the time, at least it must be up when you want to connect to it.

How to update your duckdns IP automatically from your raspberry pi.

Hi, being able to access your home network when you are out it's a very usefull thing. But knowing that you ISP can update your home router public IP you need a way to access updated IP. That is where Dynamic DNS comes to the rescue. DuckDNS There are a lot of free DDNS services but the catch is find where the service stops being free or impose some limitation.