Electricity Costs Calculator

Calculator for the running costs of electric appliances. Input Watts and Hours of use and get your results. Free, simple and fast calculation.

Time FrameConsumption (Kw)Cost($)
Electricity Costs Calculator

Simple, lightweight and free calculator app to let you know how much your devices cost you on your electricity bill.

Just enter the following information to get the expected price:
Hours of Use per Day
The app will tell you:
Cost per Hour / Day / Month / Year
KWh per Hour / Day / Month / Year

Simple put the wattage from the device and how much you pay per Kw/h (your settings will be saved for quick use) and the app will tell you how much you spend in electricity with that appliance.

Simple, lightweight offline and free.

Plan wiser and save electricity and money before buying new appliances or using your existing ones.

Dark and Light Theme. Free, simple and fast calculation.

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